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Wyebot WiFi Assurance

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  • Wi-Fi has moved on from a nice to have to a mission critical requirement.

  • Most companies do not have a dedicated resource and Wi-Fi expertise in-house to monitor and troubleshoot issues.

  • Current troubleshooting methods requires on-site troubleshooting by engineers, but what happens when the issue is in the middle of the night or in a remote location?

  • Intermittent Wi-Fi issues are very hard to detect with on-site visits. Trying to solve an issues that happened days before is often impossible.

  • Wyebot allows you to Monitor, Troubleshoot and Optimise your network remotely 24/7

  • A Wyebot sensor is like having a dedicated Wi-Fi network engineer on site automatically telling you what is going on with your wireless network and what the problems are and how to solve them.

  • Wyebot system consists of two parts, the sensor, and a cloud platform. The sensor is monitored via the cloud dashboard which can be accessed from any browser.

  • There are three elements to the why bot sensor …

  1. Automated Analysis of wireless environment with the ability to detect and report problems live and 24/7 retaining 1-months’ worth of data on the sensor/cloud.

  2. Proactive Monitoring using network tests which you can configure.

  3. Reactive Troubleshooting using client forensics this can go back in time to look at issues that have been affecting the client.

  • The sensor has three radios built-in. Two of the radios are continually capturing data for analysis. The third is a multi-personality radio that acts as a true wireless client which connects to the Wi-Fi network and runs a variety of tests. This also allows you to run tests remotely to any site with a sensor. This is very powerful if you manage multiple remote sites. You can now troubleshoot to a very high degree without sending engineers to site in most cases.

  • You can view data from the Wi-Fi network for a day, a week, or the entire month. The sensor records the last 30 days of activity for the Wi-Fi network and for the clients.

  • Proactive sensor captures can help troubleshoot issues that happened in the past, just select which day, which hour and you can analyse any incidents that may have occurred.

  • The solution is vendor agnostic and works with any Wi-Fi product.

We offer a complete package of supply, cabling, installation, Setup, Configuration, and managed service.

Download the Wyebot DataSheet PDF file

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