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Wi-Fi Network Validation

Wi-Fi Network Validation helps you maximise Customer Satisfaction and ROI. The efficiency of your Wi-Fi network evolves over time suffering under the increasing demands of more users, more data and more competition. To maximise your infrastructure, it needs to evolve too.

AS Consultants (UK) Ltd provides analytics to support the continuous evolution of your Wi-Fi infrastructure, using a combined approach.


AS Consultants post validation engineers can identify performance bottlenecks in your existing Wi-Fi network, allowing you to intelligently assess your Wi-Fi infrastructure. We generate recommendations to improve the performance of your Wi-Fi network ensuring you get the best out of your equipment. We support all types of deployments from high density stadiums, retail shopping centres with a high footfall, network of retail stores to individual hotspot locations.​


It's no good having a great Wi-Fi design if specifications are not implemented fully. Even if the design and implementation was right on day 1, over time your installation becomes sub-optimal for the environment it operates in. We identify non-conformance to specifications from our analytics engine, saving hours of troubleshooting on the ground. We can detect a variety of issues and provide corrective recommendations ensuring your network performance operates to its maximum potential.

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