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LAN Performance Testing

Our Network Performance Test Service (NPT) allows us to test and troubleshoot high performance links across wide area networks, campuses, or within data centres and to remote sites. NPT quantifies the performance of the network in terms of bandwidth, latency, jitter and loss up to line-rate 10 Gbps, giving you solid data about the capabilities of their infrastructure and its ability to support current and future applications.

Performance Testing Highlights

  • Troubleshoot network bottlenecks, assess networks for new technology or application deployments, validate new architectures, and test service, providers SLAs and QoS

  • Measures end-to-end network infrastructure performance in terms of bandwidth, latency, jitter, loss, QoS and availability up to 10 Gbps

  • Testing at operational speeds (less than line rate) in conjunction with Path Analysis reveals network bottlenecks

  • Compliant with ITU (International Telecommunications Union) ITU-TY.1564 standard for performance testing

  • Class-of-Service testing and multiple test streams (up to 8 simultaneous) ensures availability and consistency of QoS throughout your network, and whether carrier links are supporting QoS

  • Troubleshoot network infrastructure performance problems

  • Assess network performance prior to deployment of new services such as video or VoIP

  • Validate the performance of new infrastructure elements and critical links within the data centre

  • Independently determine if service providers are meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and maintaining QoS end-to-end

Whilst other tools can send traffic over the network and may tell you there is a problem, we can test for problems and show you the location of the issue. Graphical Path Analysis shows the complete layer 2 and layer 3 paths across your network, displaying the health of switches and routers along the path of the data flows in real time - while NPT tests are underway - allowing you to instantly see overloaded or errored interfaces, discarded packets, CPU and memory-utilisation issues, or even devices rebooting. This allows instant diagnosis of bottlenecks along the data path for quick resolution.

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