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Cabling Services

AS Consultants recognise the critical importance of high-quality equipment cabling and cable management within IT environments. We develop standards and deliver designs that are cost effective, manageable and future proof. We take care of all in-rack patching and pride ourselves on the quality of the finished solution – both visually and in terms of IT optimisation.


For large and critical migrations, where downtime is an important factor, the recommended approach when it comes to cabling is to deliver a

pre-patch cabling solution ahead of time. This means cables are pre-installed in the delivery racks in accordance with the patching schedule. We use a combination of techniques to make this possible – including laser cut switch templates. All cables are presented to within a few inches of their final connection points, meaning that all cables can quickly be connected and dressed following the hardware install. 

Migration Support

For instances where a pre-patch has already been delivered, migration support is provided to make the final connections. For smaller or less critical moves, where either the time to run new cables in is less, or where there is no downtime pressure, we can simply provide migration support to cable all equipment post relocation. Oftentimes, an audit is still required to collect the data we need in advance – usually a few days are left between an audit and a relocation or technical refresh project as this provides enough time to turn around technical documents and order new cables (best practice).

Data Centre Cabling

From the physical installation of racks, server, storage and network equipment through to completing in-rack cabling, our skilled security cleared engineers and technical teams will ensure a smooth installation of your new environment.

Cable Tidy-Up

Overtime cabling standards can decline as equipment is swapped out, decommissioned and moved. The decline in standards risks the introduction of increased cabling issues, cooling costs as well as the increased costs associated with the ongoing management of that environment. AS Consultants can unpick the mess, and re-cable the environment so that it is neat and tidy, easy to manage and running efficiently.

Our Service Offerings

Data Cabling


  • Fibre Optical Cabling

  • Voice Cabling


Audio Visual Solutions


  • Interactive Whiteboards

  • Projectors

  • Audio Video Equipment


Copper Cabling Solutions


  • CAT 5e UTP

  • CAT 5e ScTP

  • CAT 6 UTP

  • CAT 6a FUTP

  • CAT 7


Fibre Optic Solutions


  • Single mode (OS1)

  • Single mode (OS2)

  • 62.5/125 Multimode (OM1)

  • 50/125 Multi (OM2)

  • 50/125 Multi (OM3)

  • 50 / 125 Multi-Mode (OM4)

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