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LAN Audit Services

The word “audit” typically conjures feelings of unease, but a wireless network audit is something you should not run from. On the contrary: it’s something that should be embraced.


Put simply, a network audit is a way to do a sanity check to ensure your network is running as planned and designed and providing the intended customer experience. It considers the current state of the network — including how changes may have impacted performance — to help organisations better plan their networks for the future. It’s a great way to set up for the network of tomorrow, without sacrificing present day performance.


When a network is connected to the IT infrastructure it might be used to gain access to critical business assets.


This audit includes a deep analysis of the organisation’s physical infrastructure which includes:


  • Network Visio mapping

  • Scan for data security vulnerabilities resulting from its current deployment

  • Top interface Health Issues

  • Problems Discovered

  • Threat and exposures analysis to the local network (LAN) from Wi-Fi rogue users (Rogue Management)

  • Risk analysis due to wireless network misconfiguration


Check if the organisation’s data security policy has been breached due to existing configuration

In the course of the audit, wireless access points architecture and misconfigurations security vulnerabilities and breaches, which potentially might allow unwanted hostile parties network access, are discovered. From our experience, this audit is important because wireless access points are a major data security fail points in the organisational network because no physical access is required and because most of the existing wireless security protocol that are in use can be broken.


The audit outcome is a report detailing possible data security and general architecture related misconfigurations and recommendations how to address them.

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