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Our Toolkit

Vendor: Wyebot

Wyebot - ASConsultants
  • Automated Analysis of wireless environment with the ability to detect and report problems live and 24/7 retaining 1-months’ worth of data on the sensor/cloud.

  • Proactive Monitoring using network tests which you can configure.

  • Reactive Troubleshooting using client forensics this can go back in time to look at issues that have been affecting the client.

Vendor: AirMagnet

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  • AirMagnet Survey Pro

  • AirMagnet Survey Planner

  • AirMagnet Analyser Pro Packet Analysis

  • AirMagnet Spectrum XT

Vendor: Ekahau

Ekahau Logo.png
  • Ekahau Sidekick Pro

  • Ekahau Planner Pro

  • Ekahau Connect

  • Ekahau Spectrum Analysis

Vendor: NetAlly

NetAlly Logo.png
  • Etherscope nXG – Network Expert

  • LinkRunner AT

  • LinkRunner G2

  • AirCheck G2 – WiFi Assistant

  • OneTouch AT Network Assistant LAN/WLAN

Vendor: LiveAction

LiveAction Logo.jpg
  • LiveAction LiveWire - For enhanced application and performance monitoring and diagnostics.

  • LiveAction LiveFlow

  • LiveAction Omnipeek – Protocol Analysis – Root Cause Analysis

Vendor: Netscout

  • OptiView XG Pro Plus – 10/100/100/10G LAN Analysis

  • NetScout OneTouch 3000 Network Assistants

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