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WiFi and Network LAN Professionals

Wireless LAN Association Members

Who are we?

We are dedicated Wireless and Network Specialists. We are a small and powerful team of consultants, we are a very useful company to know.


We can help by determining the right WiFi strategy for entire organisations, reducing the risks and costs associated with the correct requirement and implementation of each project, ensuring the correct best practice for each project is adhered too and value is given.

To assist your company in successfully navigating these changes, AS Consultants provides a complete service offering which focuses as much on the company’s core business as on the technology. Getting it right first time is very important to you and us.

Expertise, agility and quality are the key principles behind AS Consultants activities. In addition to its Consulting, Technological Integration, Change and Project Management and Maintenance & Support abilities, AS Consultants can provide extensive technological expertise in relation to every single building block of each WiFi project

Our Values

Air Solutions’ philosophy is founded on a special set of values which were built over the years and are enriched by the combination of successful and reference able clients. Our values are primarily linked to our strong Service and Customer Satisfaction culture.

AS Consultants is a nimble company in which individual implication and reactivity take precedence over traditional structures.

In addition to our daily activities, we strive to go the extra mile so that the company may move forward in its objectives.

Who are we?

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