Wireless Troubleshooting

Air Solutions wireless troubleshooting service are used to identify the source of problems with an existing wireless network deployment and to propose a solution. This is achieved by measuring the performance of the wireless network in terms of coverage, spectrum usage and actual throughput achieved. These results are then analysed and recommendations to optimise wireless performance are made. Recommendations can range from minor configuration changes which can be made immediately through to relocation/upgrade of equipment.

Wireless networking solutions are no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ option; they are a business critical element of IT infrastructure; ensuring organisation’s stay ahead of their competition and maximize productivity and profitability. Wireless in education is the facilitator to learning and is now actively sought out by pupils and parents alike when choosing preferred education establishments.

Air Solutions are the experts in wireless networking. We provide a range of advanced wireless solutions for a range of business applications, including outdoor wireless mesh, next-generation wireless, stadium WiFi, voice-ready wireless and BYOD/Guest WiFi services. We also provide a range of complimentary services, such as wireless network security.

In order to meet the increasing demands of new and emerging applications, Advanced Wireless expertise is required to ensure WiFi networks are designed and deployed to meet stringent security and operating parameters.

Air Solutions has over 15 years’ experience, across all sectors, of providing highly-successful wireless deployments in some of the most challenging and sensitive environments world-wide. Our expertise in all things wireless is based on the experience of our engineers and the strength of the relationships we maintain with world’s leading hardware and software vendors.