Wireless Network Security

With the increased reliance on wireless networks, businesses are becoming more concerned about wireless network security. Network Managers need to provide end users with freedom and mobility while ensuring the integrity of corporate information and systems.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance has emerged as a primary reason for tightening information and network security controls. Both wired and wireless network security are critical for publicly traded companies and companies in the healthcare and retail industries, in particular, which need to secure sensitive customer and financial data to ensure compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and PCI. Learn more about retail regulatory requirements and how to implement PCI compliance in your wireless network.

Wireless Network Security

The Secure Wireless Solution is a business-ready, standards-based architecture that gives network administrators’ confidence that data will remain private and secure.

  • Based on the Cisco Self-Defending Network, the architecture:
  • Offers consistent, reliable, and secure mobile networking
  • Mitigates sophisticated passive and active WLAN attacks
  • Provides wireless device host intrusion prevention and an integrated authentication framework
  • Interoperates with a wide range of client devices
  • Provides reliable, scalable, centralized security management
  • Supports WPA and WPA2 security standards for robust authentication and data encryption
  • Allows network administrators to deploy secure wireless networks without increasing IT staff requirements