Professional Wireless Site Surveys: We do ….

  • AirMagnet with full 802.11ac support
  • Ekahau Survey Pro
  • Wi-Fi wireless LANs (WLANs) – Cisco, Meraki, Ignite, Ubiquiti, , Ruckus, Aruba and much more
  • Outdoor wireless – Point-to-Point and Multipoint Installations
  • Wi-Fi Network Planning, Design, Site Survey
  • Wireless LAN Auditing, Optimisation, Troubleshooting and Support

Professional Wireless Planning Reports: We do ….

  • AirMagnet Survey Pro planner and multi-floor planner
  • Ekahau Pro Planner
  • Initial Consultation process
  • Wireless network Planning and Design consultancy
  • Wireless Site Survey – both Desktop and On-site RF Survey
  • Wireless Network Health Checks – full audits available
  • Wireless Network Audits
  • Wireless Security Audits
  • Compliancy Audits
  • In-depth Wireless Network Troubleshooting – root cause analysis
  • Wireless network Installation and Commissioning
  • Post-Installation Site Survey

Professional Wireless Troubleshooting/Audit Services: We use ….

  • AirMagnet WiFi Analyser Pro
  • AirMagnet Spectrum XT
  • AirMagnet VoFi Analyser
  • AirMagnet WiFi Analyser Pro
  • Fluke AirCheck G2
  • Fluke OneTouch AT 3000 LAN/WLAN Testing
  • Ekahau Survey Pro