Why consider a Wireless Health Check?
These key services are, in many cases, business critical to the success of the organisation. It is therefore crucial that a wireless network has been designed and configured with its application in mind such that it provides the necessary coverage, capacity and resilience as is appropriate for business critical systems.

Air Solutions specialise in the design and deployment of wireless networks across the enterprise and beyond. The performance and security of any wireless solution is heavily dependent on the manner in which it is designed and installed.

Our Wireless Health check service performs an investigation into the coverage, capacity, performance and scalability of your wireless network against the requirements for what it is intended to be used for. In many cases wireless networks have been deployed without any consideration for the environment in which they are operating (RF) and access points are treated as just another layer-3 access device. Wide band interference from non 802.11 devices and co-channel interference often plague such networks due to the lack of understanding of RF at the onset of the project. The result is normally a network which interferes with itself, often has external interference and ultimately delivers very poor performance. With the convergence of voice, video and data this is simply not good enough and time sensitive applications like voice suffer.

The environment in which your WLAN exists is forever changing. Performing a wireless health check can prevent issues before they become a problem, adding potential economic benefits. If you’re already experiencing problems with your wireless LAN, then a full network analysis can be performed and a solution provided.

The recent advances in wireless technology providing greater bandwidth and increased speeds, together with the decreasing cost of the equipment means that wireless solutions are becoming a realistic option for many organisations.

Wireless surveys are a fundamentally important element when considering a wireless network, initially establishing feasibility and then confirming further technical details and optimum Access Point location. We have developed a specialist wireless survey service for customers considering a wireless solution.

One of the most critical and challenging aspects of today’s networked computing environments is ensuring that all network services are functioning optimally. The Air Solutions Wireless Health Checksproactively examine your network resources to determine the health of your environment and that all resources are readily available and performing as expected.

Wireless access to your network offers many conveniences – the freedom to roam, the quick deployment of devices, and great device flexibility. But wireless access also poses a significant risk to your IT environment. This capability allows hackers to place rogue wireless devices on your network by installing their own wireless access points. Unnoticed by your IT staff, these access points permit unchecked entry into your network and potentially the information that resides there.

The Air Solutions Wireless Access Points Health Check performs a discovery and review of the security settings on wireless devices in your environment. High-gain antennas and scanning software are used to discover any existing or rogue wireless devices and their access points, providing your organisation the information necessary to mitigate the security risks that they pose.

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